Weekly update for 8 March 2013

Welcome to the Shepparton Triathlon Club Weekly Update 7 March 2013

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Races & Events

What’s Going On

What’s Coming Up

View From Behind

Bit of info in this week’s report folks. It may take you a while to get through it so print it off and sit down with a nice cup of tea. There’s the normal stuff in here but also some information on other things going on in the background.


1) Races and Events Update


From Jason Shields

Well what a week New Zealand delivered up for me. So many highs with a few lows chucked in as well. From the moment we left Tuesday morning things didn’t go to plan. First our plane was delayed by a couple of hours. Second I left my phone on the plane (stupid Jason). Third because we were late the car company had given our car out to someone else because I didn’t answer the phone it was turned off (would you think that might be because I’m on a plane on my way). 16 hours after we left Shepparton we finally checked in and all was good again. The rest of the week we spent taking it easy and doing course recon. Thankfully I had young Hicksy next door to inform me that there wouldn’t be current race day because first swim in lake was like swimming against current in Murray River!

Finally race day came and I really felt ready to go. Told myself today was gonna be my day just need to a good swim to start the day off. At the swim start worked my way to the front and planned to go full noise to the first buoy to get some clear water and settle in for the ride. Was hoping to swim 59 min something so I wasn’t too far off the leader when I got on the bike. The 1 min light came on and I started my watch so I would get a countdown timer for the gun. Bang the gun went so game on I was off. Settled in nice and my swim felt strong the whole way. Got to the end watch said 59m 30s yes first goal reached. Wasn’t till I was in transition I actually remembered started watch 1 min early so was actually 58m 30 s hell yeah game on.

I jumped on my bike where I knew I had to set up my day if I had any chance of a really good day. At the first hill I was rounding people up like they were going backwards and legs felt great. I knew I was in for a good ride. Once we got out of town I road fast but well within myself I was rounding people with ease.

At the first turn around point 45 km in there were only 20 left in front of me 2 of them were 8 min up the road and most of the others were riding together in a group. I caught the group on the way back and stayed with them for a few minutes but felt too easy so when the drafting officials came I rode off on them. The new drafting rule really worked and they were pretty strict which really was good for me. By the time I was in town there were only 5 left so I didn’t push too hard in the hills going back out of town. Just kept pushing out to last turn around at a good pace not too hard. The breeze had picked up by the second lap and was blowing a nice cross breeze. At the last turn around there were still 3 up the road but I had brought the gap back to 3 min. Coming back in I noticed there was a group of 10 or so about a km or so behind me. This was the point where I had to decide what to do. My back was a little stiff but legs still felt strong. The wind was getting stronger and nearly a head wind now exactly what I was hoping for. Do I go like I planned and try and catch or do I conserve energy for run? My plan was to go so I did. After about 10 km hit dead road, all of a sudden my speed was disappearing real fast and I couldn’t work out what was happening. Pulled over and my tyre was going down! I quickly pitstopped it and got back on. I could see the chase guys and I thought damn used all that energy and they’re about same distance again now so picked it back up and started to ride away from them again. Got to the last hill and still kept pressure on, just pushed a smaller gear. I knew if I rode fast up the hill I would put some time into them being so close to the end they would probably be trying to save energy for the run. From the top back into town I backed off and there were only 2 left in front of me now.

Got off the bike and into the run all was going ok but back was a little stiff although legs felt ok. Then 5 km in my back locked up. Had never happened before had to start walking couldn’t run. I thought my day was over and was waiting for everyone to go flying past. No one came so I just kept walking. Ended up walking 2 km all the way to turn around point which was at 7 km. Only 4 or so passed me and none in my age group! I couldn’t believe it (was only later after the race that I found out I had put about 10 min into most of them on the bike). I thought I might still be in the lead or worst if the 2 off the bike were both my age group third. So I got in some nutrition and told myself it is meant to hurt, it should be hard it is an Ironman! So I started running again and all of a sudden it started to loosen up and soon I was back running at my planned pace if not faster. The next 14 km I felt great and was running exactly to plan, walking aid stations to get in nutrition. Ran past Hicksy at the 21 km mark, he looked like he was going strong. From about 25 km the hamstrings started to feel like they wanted to cramp (another problem I had never experienced before). This was the first time I found out I was in front from my family who had checked for me. So I stuck to my plan for back half of the race and added another walk between aid stations, so I was walking all the steeper hill sections and running hard on the down and the flat sections. I got to the last lap and still no one else from any age group had passed me. This was the first time I saw the second placed athlete. He was about 300m behind me (Deano Gaskin, 2011 winner, I had looked him up before race). I held him off still sticking to my strategy until the final turn around, we ran together for about 2 km till we got to the steepest hill where I chose to stick with my strategy and walk as my hamstrings still felt like they were going to start cramping and I was at a point where I had never been before so was still unsure if my legs would get to the end. I didn’t want to cook it totally and loose everything. He got a gap on me and ran away. From then on I just kept watching behind and I knew I had second place as long as I didn’t cramp, so I walked the hills and ran really hard down and on the flats. Coming down the finishing shoot no one was in sight so I really got to enjoy the moment and savoured every bit of it!

As soon as I crossed the line my legs went to jelly I sat and started cramping all over. My emotion took over, did that just really happen? Was it possibly real? I believed I could do it but to actually do it was a totally different thing. The race was my best not because of the results but to actually be down twice and push through. I learnt a lot about myself mentally today. Then to get second on a day when I lost about 12 minutes in the first 7km from walking, WOW!!. What’s possible if I can put it together is a very exciting thought.

All in all Taupo was an awesome and exciting place to race. The course, weather and crowd were absolutely amazing. The 3 lap run course was totally full with screaming people calling out your name cheering you on. I would totally recommend it to anyone and it will be even bigger next year, 30 year anniversary.

I wish everyone going to Melbourne good luck. Dream big, plan big, race hard and you never know what can happen. Anything is possible; you just need to truly believe. I need a few Kona buddies to travel with so Good Luck!! J

Great report Jason, I am chasing Hicksy as well to get his take on things so hopefully more to come about New Zealand. I have been there a couple of times and if you want to do a race in a great location this is the one!

2) What’s Going On


Most members would be aware that the committee has been actively seeking solutions for establishing a formal ‘clubhouse’ for the Shepparton Tri Club. We are a legitimate sporting club in the region now, with more members than most footy/tennis clubs, yet we struggle to have a ‘home’. We have also struggled to have adequate storage solutions for the club assets which continues to build based on the success of the clubs major events.

Storage – The club currently utilises a small shed at the southern end of Victoria Park Lake. It is inadequate to house our trailers, racks, race equipment and various other assets the club uses and has for hire for members (eg race wheels and bike bags). We have been working closely with council on solutions. The club was instrumental in helping develop the master plan for Vic Park Lake with other user groups. Unfortunately other groups have decided to go their own way on various solutions, so the Tri Club has applied for a funding grant to help offset the cost of replacing this small shed with a large shed to service our needs. This will be on a longer term lease arrangement and we will hopefully know by April a bit more on the outcomes of this storage solution. It would be ideal to have as the club plans to hold more summer/sunset series races on this lake going forward. The Club president and committee person Darren Green are leading this project.

Clubhouse – After a number of years of chasing solutions, work is now progressing with council on both a short term and long solution. The long term solution is for an extension of the Aquamoves complex, adding another module to the current Gym/fitness class’s area heading northerly. This solution will ideally allow council to relocate the 50m outdoor pump house facilities, create more car parking spaces at the northern end, and at the same time establish a large area for clubs and user groups to use as clubrooms and meeting rooms. While the plans are in their infancy, this is an exciting opportunity for the club to be a leading and progressive group to utilise this facility with other ‘like’ clubs such as the swimming clubs etc that currently use Aquamoves also. It will have independent access to Aquamoves and will allow clubs to have their own honour boards, shared kitchens etc. We will be able to have our meetings there, start and potentially finish group rides and activities there, and also social functions to a large degree. This solution is 2-3yrs in the making still.

The shorter term solution is a refurbishment of the current Raymond West building. While this will be done on a budget scale, it is the first step in getting the key user groups involved, and this will allow for independent access, meetings, and sufficient facilities for small social functions. This is the first step in having a club ‘home base’. This solution is commencing almost immediately, with meetings over the next few weeks to bring the groups together for joint solutions, and works programs and budgets are already in THIS financial year. We are guessing that by 1st July we will have something well in progress! Guysy has been involved in this project for a number of years and will hopefully see some results now.

Bike storage you might say??? Yes council have been listening to us and other bike users. There will be a securable, coded, lockable bike cage storage area at Aquamoves! So while we may finish or start a ride inside the clubrooms, we can be assured that our precious steeds are secured in a caged area nearby allowing us all to commute to Aquamoves rather than drive! A Win/Win all round J



For those of you who haven’t heard, Hilly is now ensconced at Leigh Egan Cycles. He has let me know that they are offering half price servicing for any athlete doing Melbourne Ironman, and if you’re in the market for new shoes they have some quality tri bike shoes for $80.

Hilly tells me he will let me know more details but for now if you want to take him up on his offers get in touch with him at the shop


For those who missed the article here is an abridged version!

From Karla McKinlay

On Wednesday 27th Feb – I started what was to have been a 2.5 hr run training for IM Melbourne. I set off from Aquamoves car park around noon, I took the shared trail towards Kialla Lakes as far as Archer Street then ducked back across the bridge to the main lake. Topped up water at the drink fountain, but no place for a needed comfort stop. I jogged back over the bridge and as the need was great took a less used side track for a few metres finding a discrete spot behind a tree. This is where I was attacked by a swarm of angry wasps. I ran, escaped but badly stung. However the hand held water bottles were still on the ground and my car key was in one of its pockets back where I took flight. I grabbed some bark and wildly swinging it to clear a path amongst the wasps managed to grab the water bottles/ keys and hurried back to the track. At that point I was sore, itchy but OK. Didn’t last a few steps more! Soon I realised I had a problem and sat down on the track, soon that was not enough. I lay down in the recovery position, giddy and a bit breathless but no stridor or wheeze. At that point some good Samaritans arrived with a mobile. I’d left mine in the car plus my “road ID” bracelet was at home. I decided I did need an ambulance so I presume 000 was used? I was now beginning to look like a boiled lobster with measles and felt pretty low. I was expertly resuscitated with saline, adrenaline, cortisone and dispatched to my hospital, via my car to rescue phone. There I had a somewhat restless night, itchy but alive, with the lobster look almost gone by morning. Today as I write this, I am fine, itchy from the numerous bites, but fine systemically. I will take a rest today, a light day tomorrow then we’ll see?

So what have I learnt, apart from the fact that snakes are not the only predators around here at present. Well don’t drop your dacks before you suss out the surrounds! Find a way to take your mobile and keys together. I would have gladly abandoned the small water bottles! Get and wear a road ID, not just for the bike. Had I not made the main track, not been found soon by passers-by, I might have been unconscious or even dead and they wouldn’t even know who I was! I had been stung at Aquamoves once a couple of weeks ago and had a prolonged local reaction, but this was a more serious event, multiple bites, with possible sensitisation from the first bite. I now have an epipen to carry too!


Ouch! Karla sent me a photo of her back, which reminded me of a boiled lobster with measles. Pity we are having trouble posting photo’s on the web site!


This Sunday March 10 at 9 am Leading From Within is hosting a 10km, 5km, 2km and a kids dash fun run at the north end of the Shepparton Lake.

The Shepparton Runners Club helps out with infrastructure, promotion and participation.

Can you please put something in your weekly newsletter encouraging members to attend? A lot of tri-club members entered last year when it was held at Princess Park. The Mad Cow run starts at Princess Park this Sunday. So Leading From Within has moved to the new venue to start its race.

Leading From Within is an organisation like Beyond Blue who help people with depression and families after suicide.

Your help is appreciated

Steven Trevaskis

Not a bad idea for a Sunday morning then head off for breaky hey?



5am start folks, from the corner of Verney Road and Ford Road (just to keep you on your toes)

Dookie / Kids Circuit / Nalinga / VioletTown / Shepparton, approximately 130 kms. Riders will be picking up the pace for the home leg and so you are encouraged to break into teams or be prepared to ride at your pace for the last 40 odd k’s

Swimming – The open water swim sessions; Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights around 6pm will generally see some member taking a dip in the lake. Generally meet at the club shed at the south end of the lake. So if you’re interested either come down or contact the club (or me) to see what’s happening

Running – Sessions are still being held at the aths track on Tuesday mornings (informally) starting at 6am. This session is a strength session with efforts being performed after a warm up

3) What’s Coming Up – March / April


Chris and Sarah Pye travelled to Warrnambool last weekend for some frolicking in the sun. I have been told they had a good time and they will provide their wrap to me for next week’s edition!


Mathilda Terry is off to compete against her age group in two weeks’ time and has agreed to send me some info on her experience of the weekend, which will be very interesting to hear. Good luck Tilly, I will leave this in for next week’s newsletter as well to take up space!!

4) View From The Back

Aaaah the taper! That point in the Ironman program that we all look forward to. It’s the point where you know that the peak training period is over and now you can just relax and cruise into the race knowing you have done the hard yards. Yeah right!

The taper may have started but the efforts are still there. What a great feeling knowing you don’t have to ride for six plus hours this Saturday. But we have to ride for four to five hours and at this point in the program that still feel like a long time in the saddle.

And what about the swim sessions? 5k in the pool one night, 4k in the pool one other night then a three lap lake swim, good to know its tapering time.

Then the run, well at least it feels like a taper, the times now come back to a manageable two hour long run with a couple of sessions of a tempo run and / or track sessions.

Then we’ll chuck in a brick session of two and a half hour ride plus one hour run.

Aaaah the taper!