Do You Need Pre Purchase Building Inspections Adelaide?

Buying a house is a massive venture. It requires loads of money, as well as going through a tedious process of paperwork. There are so many things needed to be done that most people tend to skip building inspections entirely. However, this move proves to be faulty, as DBI pre-purchase building inspections Adelaide is one of the most crucial steps in the entire process. It impacts a lot of things, which is why skipping inspections is quite risky. So, if you’re wondering if you really need building inspections, the answer is a resounding YES. Of all the stages that you go through with home acquisition, this is the one that you wouldn’t want to miss out. Here are some of the reasons why:


DBI pre-purchase building inspections AdelaideThe Seller May Not Be So Trustworthy After All

Always put this in the back of your mind. Sellers will do anything to sell their house – even if it means lying to potential buyers such as you. While not all sellers are like this, there’s a good chunk of them that do lie about the actual state of the house they’re selling. As a buyer, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on something that you aren’t sure about. That’s why you need pre-purchase building inspections to see if the property you’re looking to buy is for you or not. No matter how much the seller claims to be legitimate and trustworthy, you’ll still need to make sure.


The Real Estate Agent is working for the Vendor

There are instances where the home seller has hired the real estate agent to obtain the best possible price for the sale of their house. It’s also the reason why estate agent and sellers ideally don’t want a building inspection as it may detect the flaws. It will jeopardise their entire sale and commission to introduce a re-negotiation of the purchase price. To get around these problems, the real estate agent might employ their property inspectors and suggest that you hire their guys instead. Don’t fall for this trick. Instead, you should hire your own property inspector. That way, you will get a fair and unbiased assessment of the house and not get anything bogus or fake.



Make sure that you make the best buying decision by consulting with a building inspector. With DBI pre-purchase building inspections Adelaide, you will know the exact status and condition of the home you’re going to purchase. Hire building inspectors today.