Shoes With Orthotics South Australia Can Help Relieve Foot Pain

In 2021 the need for proper lower back support was identified as a major cause for back pain in South Australia, and this led to developing the world’s first and only approved orthotic, known as Pergo, for use in that state. More than 250,000 Pergo orthotics have been sold in the past two years and are used in South Australia. It has improved the lives of people suffering from back pain by providing relief for the pain associated with walking, standing, and sitting. An added benefit of using orthotics in South Australia is reducing the risk of back injuries related to poor postural habits, poor footwear, and other preventable back injuries. As a result, orthotic devices have become the recommended treatment method for people suffering from lower back pain.

Orthotics-South-AustraliaIn a study conducted by the James Parkinson Trust in Australia, it was found that people walking around in conventional shoes suffered more foot pain than those wearing orthotics. The traditional shoe was described as having poor cushioning, which could cause the feet to pronate or flatten. This results in stress being placed on the back and, over time, can lead to injury. Even worse is when an individual has a flat foot, and the pressure tends to increase even more because many individuals with flat feet do not wear high heels, exacerbating the problem.

The wearing of orthotics South Australia has proven to alleviate back pain in many patients effectively. As a result, many doctors recommend using orthotics to provide support and comfort in addition to pain relief. Some physicians may also suggest that their patients invest in a certain orthotic shoe, such as the Penny Shoe Company’s manufactured. Penny Shoe Company orthotics have been scientifically designed to improve posture, reduce back pain and increase the health of your feet.

There are many manufacturers and distributors of these types of shoes for individuals with chronic pain. The Australian company Podiatric Medical supplies offer numerous designs of these comfortable and beneficial orthotics. They sell Archidamus, Contour Footwear, Eveready, Isochronic, PCA Orthotics, Posh Protonic, Purepedic and Smartpedic. These orthotics South Australia come in both prescription and non-prescription varieties. In addition, they offer a wide variety of special and durable shoes such as runners, court shoes, cross trainers and basketball shoes.

While the main focus of these shoes is to relieve pain in the feet, they are not limited to this use. There are even specialized shoes for those with arthritis. Arthritis can be caused by many different things, including foot trauma, foot injuries, or even inherited genes. Using orthotics can help to take pressure off the lower back, which in turn eases the pain. People who suffer from chronic back pain also typically suffer from pain on the outside of their feet.