What Factors Affect the Price of Silage Wraps?

If you’ve ever bought a silage wrap in your local agricultural store, you may have noticed the variety of prices that you can choose from. Silage wraps have varying quoted prices around the country and this depends on a lot of factors. These factors include brand, colour, material. Other factors that impact the cost are related to the location, demand, scarcity of materials, and more. In this article, we’re going to discover how these factors affect the dollars you’d pay for a roll of silage wrap.



Silage Wrap

Several suppliers around the country claim that colour plays a significant role in the pricing. The green and white-coloured silage wraps appear to cost slightly more than the standard black wrap. However, there are other suppliers in individual states claiming that colour has nothing to do with the price. Regardless of this variance, there are other factors where colour does affect the price and thus will be slightly more expensive. Take the pink silage wrap, for example; it became popular when they used it to raise money for the Australian Cancer Society and other cancer-related charities. The high demand is currently affecting the price, which is about $20 more per roll than regular silage films.



Other manufacturers also claim the brand had the highest factor when it comes to pricing. Understandably, the more well-known brand, the more expensive the silage is going to be. In fact, the Big Dairy Co-op was quoted to have silage wraps at a price range of $80 to $90 per roll. Dairy Gold wraps cost around $84 to $93 per roll. Check UNIPAK.com.au  for their current silage wrap prices.



Every supplier can agree that the rise in demand will also mean a slight increase in the price of a standard silage wrap. Since a lot of people are buying silage wraps daily, there are times when the price for this type of wrap fluctuates to accommodate the rise in demand. Another factor is scarcity. Sometimes the materials used for making silage wrap is lacking, which means fewer products will be produced. The lesser the supply, the pricier it will be.

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