4 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Adelaide Clinical Pilates Classes

Many physiotherapy practices involve offering clinical Pilates as an alternative option to help you recover after an injury. However, what’s the difference between the Adelaide Clinical Pilates offered at our prestigious practice, and the Pilates class offered at the local gym? Continue reading to find out!


Pilates Assessment

Clinical Pilates focuses on specific and one-on-one care treatments that need to be given in a calm, rehabilitation setting. We ask our valued clients to undergo a clinical Pilates assessment. That way, we can adequately determine if it’s right for you or not, as well as establish your areas of focus for the Pilates class. It will also help us be aware of any restrictions or injuries that you may have. It’s going to be a 20-minute session that consists of looking at a variety of tests. At the end of the assessment, you will begin your core training and be given some Pilates exercises to take home before your next session, which will be two days after.


Individual Clinical Pilates Programmes Tailored to Your Needs

After the assessment, your Physiotherapist will then formulate and design an Adelaide clinical Pilates programme that will be specific to your findings. Physiotherapists understand that everyone is unique in their own right, and so are their injuries. Individually designed clinical Pilates programmes mean we can look after your specific concerns, as well as the level of fitness. It also means you can go at your own pace and will allow you to see your progress over six weeks before you’re required for a new programme.


One-on-one Core Training

One thing that people tend to miss out on in a general Pilates class is the foundation teaching of the core. Most of the time, you don’t really know what you’re expected to do or if you’re doing it right. During these one-on-one sessions, physiotherapists use real-time ultrasound to visually assess the patient’s core activation and take the time to introduce you to basic core anatomy and neutral spine alignment. It’s also the time that Physiotherapists will start teaching you some useful exercises that will be included in the further classes,


A Physiotherapist or a Pilates Instructor Will supervise you

Once you have your individual programme written, you will need some guidance while in the class setting. Our Adelaide clinical Pilates studio always has either a physiotherapist or a Pilates instructor running the classes to help assist and answer any questions that you have in mind. Also, they will provide hands on-cueing to ensure you’re getting the most out of your clinical Pilates programme.