Every Owner Should Know the Signs Why a Car Fails to Start

Being a car owner comes with it the duty of making sure that the vehicle remains in exceptional running condition. When you miss out on crucial preventive maintenance or small repair work, you most likely will experience problems.

One morning, you notice that after turning the ignition, your car won’t start. At this moment, you have no other alternative but to call in somebody from the Audi Service Adelaide to determine what’s wrong. But as a responsible owner, it is your job to at least learn of the prospective culprits.

Dead Battery

Audi Service AdelaideThe most typical reason your car won’t start is a dead battery. Among the most vital parts of a vehicle is the battery as it is primarily utilised to offer electrical power to the whole car and the rest of the electrical elements such as lights, radio and a lot more. While the vehicle is running, the alternator works by recharging the battery. Yes, you will not be able to start the car or use any electrical components if the battery is not charged adequately.

Jumpstarting your car is one of the effective methods you can do to see if the battery is the problem. If ever the jump start works, you are probably dealing with either a dying battery or a generator that is having problem recharging the battery. In this case, having a reliable auto shop to perform the job like Audi Service Adelaide for you starting from the battery or generator replacements up to cleaning connections is by far the most practical and sensible decision.

No Gas

An empty gas tank is among the apparent reasons that your car won’t move. Although this reason might sound a bit ridiculous, many people often forget to gas up. You probably are guilty of this mistake, too. It is not like we always pay attention to the gauges. The good news for most modern cars is that there’s an alarm when you need to fill your tank. So, when your vehicle does not start, think of the possibility that the tank is empty.

Defective Ignition Change

Your car is having concerns with the ignition switch if it stops working on starting even after a couple of tries, and also if you know that your battery is working correctly. You can effectively limit the reason for your problem by turning on your headlights. Unquestionably, a bad ignition switch is the root cause of the problem if the battery can still control your lights and control panel.

Clogged Fuel Filter

The gas won’t be able to reach the engine if your fuel filter is clogged. This problem will give your car difficulty time to burn the fuel it requires to get going efficiently.

We recommend that you replace your fuel filters as soon as your car runs 15,000 kilometres and let the expert mechanic from a reputable auto service shop do it on your behalf.

If you don’t know where to find assistance or help with your car issues, you can get more info here.