Top Features of Bamboo Blankets

Bamboo weighted blankets from CalmingBlankets are ideal for anyone who wants to give the gift of warmth and comfort to their loved ones. Unlike other types of blankets available, bamboo blankets are exceptionally soft, durable and extremely resilient. They can be used on several different surfaces without causing any damage or tearing. Also, unlike other blankets, bamboo blankets are highly absorbent, which means they are great to use as bedding. However, there are many reasons why people choose bamboo blankets over other types of blankets. Here are some of them.


* If you want to sleep better at night, giving your loved one bamboo weighted blankets from CalmingBlankets will do wonders. This is because it will ensure that the fibres of the blanket get deeply tangled with each other, thus making it impossible for air to circulate within the blanket. The more tightly woven the bamboo blanket is, the more cozy and warm it will feel to the touch. In addition to being thermally regulating, bamboo is a natural cooling process that keeps your body insulated, helping your body to retain its core temperature.


* Many people experience a number of allergic reactions while sleeping, especially if they are using an artificial, man-made fibre. However, bamboo blankets are completely natural and won’t cause any adverse reaction to your skin, which means that it is ideal for allergy sufferers. If you want to get a good night’s sleep and avoid all kinds of allergies, give your beloved one a bamboo calming blanket during bedtime. It is also good for hot sleepers who need extra support to get a good night’s rest.


* Aside from being naturally cool and warming, bamboo fabrics also have another advantage that no other fabric can offer: its thermal properties. Because of their thermal insulation, bamboo blankets can help regulate your body temperature even on hot summer days. This thermal quality is what helps Bamboo weighted blankets from CalmingBlankets achieve their remarkable warmth in winter and is what you should look for when shopping for a new blanket. You’ll find that bamboo fabrics work best for those who live in tropical areas where summer temperatures rise above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

* Most anxiety blankets made from bamboo fibre consist of a series of glass beads. These beads are made up of synthetic plastic that is woven together into a strong, durable material that is lightweight yet strong enough to keep most people warm. The glass beads are then combined with a special viscose type fabric. The fabric, which is usually made from natural, light bamboo fibre, allows the air to pass through the blanket. It is this air movement that helps the bamboo fibres trap the heat within. The glass beads in the blanket also reflect the heat back into the room.