Artificial Grass Blades – Materials Used in Creating Your Next Artificial Grass Design

Artificial grass is a highly durable surface of synthetic fibres designed to appear like real natural grass. It’s most frequently used in commercial and athletic fields typically or commonly played on natural grass. But it has become increasingly popular on residential lawns and even in residential landscaping and industrial applications. What makes Brisbane artificial grass so useful is that it’s a completely maintenance-free surface.

Brisbane artificial grassSynthetic turf is comprised of many different materials, but the most common is polyethylene. Polyethylene is an artificial fibre, which is also commonly referred to as “pledge”. This type of fibre is extremely durable and can withstand wear from heavy play on it. It was initially developed as a fire retardant, but its high fire retardancy is its primary selling point. Due to this property, synthetic turf does not require a protective coat to help prevent it from getting burned or discoloured from the elements.

Another material found in artificial grass blades is rubber. Rubber is very hard wearing and can withstand harsh playing conditions. Unlike polyethylene, rubber does not need a protective coating on its surface to help avoid it from being burned. It is also very resistant to ultraviolet rays, so it will not turn colour quickly.

There are two main types of Brisbane artificial grass blades. One type is generally more expensive than the other. It is because it contains a higher amount of polyethylene fibres. The cost also depends on how much custom design the turf manufacturer wants to do. For example, professional turf companies will typically request that the blades are manufactured to their specifications.

The best way to find the right blades for your home is to speak with a sales representative. He or she can effectively help you decide which blades will be best for your home, depending on your geographical location and climate. If you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall, the cost of installing synthetic grass may be greater than a homeowner who lives in a more arid climate. Similarly, if you receive a lot of sunlight, you may choose a different blade type.

You may also want to ask the sales representative about installing a custom-made base material. Some Brisbane artificial grass companies will offer a blacktop or a black coloured top to match your home’s exterior paint colour. These blacktop bases are made using decomposed granite or similar base materials. These are much cheaper than purchasing real stone or expensive artificial turf materials.