Building Inspections: Why They Matter

Building inspections are essential for many reasons. Not only can they help ensure the safety of people who live or work in a building, but they also can be an indicator of the building’s quality. Therefore, the benefits of a well-functioning building inspection should not be underestimated. Here are just a few:

– Licensing: Whether you own a home or a business, building inspections are required in many states. In Melbourne, for example, building inspections are required for “all buildings and major renovations.” In Illinois, building inspections must be carried out by “a qualified and licensed inspector.” Even where licenses are not required, this is an excellent indication that your builder is taking the appropriate steps to ensure their building meets all applicable codes.

– Clearance of permits: building inspections Melbourne will allow you to review for any necessary permits. In some cases, inspections may even be required to secure the necessary permits. It can save you time and money on having to seek out these permits on your own. It’s best to find an experienced and thorough inspector with outstanding credentials and outstanding references.

– Compliance with building codes: Building inspections signify that your builder has followed the building code closely. It is something you can always rely on. You can feel comfortable knowing your building passed the test of the inspections. Remember, not all inspectors are trained to follow the building code, and some are not even trained to examine structures according to the building code. It’s essential to choose a reputable inspector that follows the building codes and ensures all inspections are done accordingly.

– Protection from lawsuits: When your commercial building inspector gives you a report of the inspection, it should mention any relevant items that have been discovered during the inspection. It should include information that helps support your claim that the condition of your commercial property was substantially improved upon. You want this information because it can increase your ability to collect damages in the case of a lawsuit. Some claims do not result in settlements, but the odds of having your claim approved are much better if they do. To make matters worse, some lawsuits against contractors can result in hefty fines being awarded to you or your business, which can significantly affect your finances. By keeping a good relationship with your building inspector, you can rest assured your building has been properly inspected and found to comply with the building codes.

– Building Inspection Finds Flaws That Can Affect Your Building: One of the first things commercial building inspections Melbourne will find when inspecting your structure is problems with zoning. Zoning restrictions can be a deal killer. If your construction is located in a residential area, you may want to reconsider using it. Other less desirable areas for residential or business use include parks, industrial areas, industrial zones, etc. Allowing your building to be built in an undesirable location can result in higher repair costs or lower gross receipts.

– Inspection Techniques Include All five effective systems: The inspector will look at each of the five major systems found in commercial buildings to evaluate them. These systems are ventilation, insulation, heating, cooling, electrical and mechanical. The inspector will document the results and provide a recommendation for the future care of your building. While these systems may seem mundane, they all play an important role and must be appropriately maintained. The inspector will also provide recommendations on how to improve your ventilation, heating and cooling systems and provide insulation.