To Buy or Not to Buy? Advantages and Disadvantages Display Homes

If you’re currently looking for a house to buy; you may have already heard about display homes. Also known as a ‘model house,’ display homes Adelaide is the display version of already-manufactured houses that are placed in a display village created by the developer. Display homes are usually used for advertising a builder’s work in newly-built development sites. Its primary purpose is to showcase the living space and features of a home before you acquire and build it. So, if you’re looking for a house to buy, you should consider looking at a display home.

display homes AdelaideHowever, similar to other property investments, you should also be being educated with display homes as there are other factors that you may not like about it. We want to give you full insight on this topic. That’s why we’re presenting the advantages and disadvantages associated with buying a display home.

Advantages of Display Homes Adelaide

  • Display homes guarantee a high rental rate since the builders pay rent at a commercial rate.
  • The property will be taxed at a residential rate even if you pay lease at a commercial-level.
  • The house built will be made using the finest quality materials. Builders want to showcase their best work and skills, so you can take full advantage of that once you hire a team for your home construction
  • You can claim depreciation whenever you want to.
  • Going for a display home means the gardens and outdoor areas will also be maintained by the builders that you hire.
  • The builders will hire people who will clean the property as part of your purchase deal.
  • If the house that your purchase is part of is a display village, you’ll be delighted to know that your home will be surrounded by other quality homes. And this will be located in an attractive subdivision – all in a neighbourhood that you will absolutely love.

Disadvantages of Display Homes Adelaide

  • Getting finances can be difficult in some areas since some builders tend to set a high premium price while the banks and lenders value the same property at a much lower price.
  • Some banks base their assessment on market conditions and not what builders are offering.
  • Display villages have a varied end date. That means they could potentially finish the lease sooner than expected.


Needless to say, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. So make sure you consider display homes Adelaide. That way, you will find the best home for you and your family. Visit our website now to get started with your search.