Important Reminders When Choosing a Driving School for Your Teen

Choosing the right driving school for your teenage son or daughter can be a big decision, so it helps to know what to watch out for. But when you spot an advertisement that promises “the quickest and easiest drivers ed course available,” don’t jump at the chance.

Even if you think you’re doing your teenager a favour by making their teen driver’s ed course as short as possible, you can be hurting them in the long run. Avoid these common mistakes when shopping for a school:

1) Don’t choose the cheapest option.

It may seem like a good idea to go with a driving school that charges less than others – but most of those schools have very poor reputations. You don’t want your teenager getting behind the wheel for the first time with an instructor who was less than impressive during their own training.

2) Don’t assume “school” means a definite location.

Like some of today’s online college courses, most online drivers ed courses are sold by companies without any locations or classrooms. Driving schools that have no physical location may not provide the same level of quality instruction as a company that has built its reputation by focusing on one driving school at a time, in one place, with good results over the long haul.

3) Don’t skip toll-free numbers and live chat options.

When choosing a driving school, don’t skip the toll-free numbers and live chat options. If you have questions about your teen’s court-ordered course or want to tell the instructor what you think of the lessons, give them every opportunity to answer your call – not just when it works best for them.

4) Don’t choose a school with too little information.

If you’re having trouble finding any information about driving lessons Perth with EzLicence, it could be a bad sign. Call the number and ask for some references. You may even want to talk to other parents who have used the service in the past. It’s also a good idea to see if they have an active Facebook or Twitter account and check those out.

5) Don’t assume you’re getting free service.

Some online driving schools have started using a tiered pricing structure for teens who sign up with them – it may cost nothing to get signed up, but they’ll charge $50 for each additional teen that signs up on your order form. Make sure you know what you’re getting if your teen’s course is court-ordered – and make sure that any online driving school you choose has a long history of success in the classroom, too.

While it does cost money to take driving lessons Perth with EzLicence, focusing only on price can be a mistake. Choose the school that will give your son or daughter the most helpful, relevant coursework instead of the cheapest one you can find. After all, investing in a good teen driver’s ed program now could save you money and stress down the road.