Gas Wall Oven 101: Discover How a Gas Wall Furnace Works

Do you know how a gas wall furnace works? If you know what makes a wall furnace work, you’ll be better informed before you buy one. It works like this.


A gas wall furnace at Airware Sales will light when the thermostat to which it is connected starts to start it. The steps in the process are:

  1. The room’s temperature falls below the preset thermostat level.
  2. The thermometer sends an electrical pulse to the furnace relay.
  3. The relay turns on the fan and distributes the gas.
  4. The burner inside the combustion chamber comes on.
  5. Heat is created in the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is a chamber around the burner through which the air circulates. The air heats up as it circulates around the burner.
  6. The hot air is expelled through the air vents of your home.
  7. The gases generated by the combustion process are ventilated by the ceiling or wall.


This process is repeated whenever your home temperature drops below the desired level for which you have set the thermostat.



Repair and Maintenance of Your Gas Wall Furnace


A basic understanding of this process is helpful if you decide how to repair the gas furnace or purchase a new gas wall furnace. If you understand the components of your wall furnace and how they work, you’ll be better equipped not to take advantage of it. For example, you may not want to handle a significant problem with your wall furnace yourself, so call a HVAC technician. The repairer can advise you to buy expensive spare parts for a gas wall furnace or even a new gas wall furnace; when you do not really need it. If you are a little informed about how your wall furnace works, you may be able to diagnose a problem, even if you do not know how to repair or repair a gas wall furnace.


Part of owning a gas furnace system knows what maintenance your furnace requires. Essential maintenance is the replacement of the filter. This is a simple task that only requires knowing where the filter is and what filter size the wall furnace needs. You should check and replace the filter at the beginning of the heating season and check it once a month during operation. If the filter is filthy, you must replace it.

Some wall furnace models have a variety of reusable filters. This type of filter requires that you clean it at the same time; otherwise, it would change a disposable filter. If a reusable filter is available for your gas wall furnace at Airware Sales, it’s a great way to protect the environment while preserving your heating system. Regular filter replacement will help ensure your heating system runs at peak efficiency and lasts as long as it should.