What Are the Most Common Types of Hip Replacement Surgeries?

A doctor with more than five years of fellowship training in the field of hip replacement surgery has been trained to do the surgery under the care of a well qualified orthopedic physician. Fellowships which train hip replacement surgeons Adelaide can be called all three of the terms mentioned above, such as hip replacement surgery, total hip reconstruction, or hip resurfacing in their titles. These are the four main types of hip replacement surgery. For more information, click this link.

Hip Replacement Surgeons AdelaideThe first type of hip replacement surgery is the one that involves making use of an implant. An implant is a small plastic shell made up of titanium that is inserted into the femur bone through the hip socket, and this shell is designed to look and function like the hip joint’s natural hip joint.

After the implant is installed in the femur, the hip socket is also repositioned forward to allow a prosthesis to fit. The prosthesis will then be attached to the leg by means of screws and rods. This type of hip resurfacing is known as total hip reconstruction. The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia and is known for being a very fast and painless procedure.

The second type of hip resurfacing is the one which involves making use of metal plates or titanium screws which are used to help move the hip joint out of its usual position. This technique is sometimes referred to as complete hip reconstruction. There is no need to make use of implants here since metal plates or screws can be used to create an entirely new hip joint. Click this link for more details.

Last but not least, there is the third type of hip resurfacing, which can be done under local anesthetics and can only be performed by specially trained hip replacement surgeons Adelaide. This type of procedure involves moving the hip joint from its normal position to the corrected position. A prosthetic hip joint is then attached to the hip bone so that it can align itself with the femur. This process requires the presence of general anesthetic and can take a few weeks to accomplish. Click this link to book an appointment with a hip replacement surgeon.

Hip resurfacing is the most popular procedure in the world of hip replacements. This surgical procedure is being performed around the globe on an average of twenty patients every single day. Since the procedure is so new and effective, many countries are now offering a complete package consisting of hip reconstruction along with hip resurfacing to their patients.