Things To Consider When Getting A Quotation For Your Extension Project In Reading

Many people in this day and age are looking at home extensions all over Australia. These are homes that have been built and then have extensions added onto them. When planning your Reading house extension, there are many things to consider. You need to first decide on your budget and the amount of money that you will be investing. Then you need to look at your design considerations for house additions Adelaide.

Design considerations for house extensions. Forming up a good brief for the new home extension project. A brief will help the builder to know the exact specifications and measurements of the property that has been proposed—allocation of an allocated budget with a contingency for overruns.


Issues with existing homes, such as no longer being allowed to build on the main road. You may not be allowed to build over green belt land. The planning services may have restricted your design to what they allow you to do anyway. Then there are the neighbours, some of which may not be allowed to build house additions Adelaide. Allowed development rights for listed buildings are subject to change with planning permission.

Floor area. This is the measured total area of the whole lot. If the existing house extension projects are similar, then the total floor area should also be similar. For instance, if your planned house extension projects consist of three or more storeys, the total floor area should consist of at least four storeys, ten rooms and twenty-two bathrooms. Your floor area calculation should include the roof pitch if the project is standing on concrete slabs, the concrete slab itself and any steps or walkways that will be required.

Roof pitch. You should calculate the minimum necessary slope for a siding or attached garage to access the existing house extensions and the roof. You need to know whether the garage is to be raised above the ground floor or have a concealed concrete floor. The slope can affect the extension project’s structural design and should be discussed with the engineer of the proposed house additions Adelaide.

Storey. If you have a low stone building, like a row of shops, you might consider a set of extension steps instead of a staircase when it comes to getting a quote for your extension project. Storeys are cheaper and easier to erect than stairs. There are options for you to have an open stairway instead of a closed one. Your architect will help you decide whether an open stairway will be advantageous for you or not.