How to Get Your Car Learner Permit

Every young individual aspires to drive a car one day, but learning isnt as straightforward as one might expect. While youre probably ecstatic to start, you first must acknowledge the need to pass the learners test vic. Dont worry, though as you can do it with commitment and a ton of patience. At this point, allow us to share to you how the process works.

If you reside in Victoria, you must be at least 16 years old to qualify for the car learner permit. If you arent 16 yet, consider it as a perk since youve got a lot of time to prepare for it. For example, you can start reading books and manuals about road rules and regulations, including traffic laws.

Preparation for the learners test starts with the Road to Solo Driving handbook, so be sure to get that one. Its one of the few intangibles in learning how to drive and getting a licence in Victoria. Theres a handful of places to get this handbook, and you can even obtain it online if youre patient enough to search for it. Of course, the purpose of buying this book is to read it. Be reminded that many, if not, all the questions during the test are based on this handbook.


If you feel like youre ready for the learners test vic, the next step is to set up an appointment. If youre unsure on how to do this, dont worry because theres a bevvy of websites out there and online driving schools that provide you with comprehensive services from the get-go.

If youre planning to book online or by phone, it means that youll need a credit card for the upfront payment. If youre setting up the appointment in person, then youll have other payment options, i.e., cash and cheque.

Be reminded that before you can get your hands on a car learner permit, you first must pass a computer-based theory test about road laws. This isnt a biggie since its multiple choice; nevertheless, you still must prepare for it. You likewise will undergo an eyesight test, which, along with the theory test, will take about 20 minutes. The questions are generally about controlling the vehicle, obeying road rules, cooperating with other drivers, and embracing safe driving habits. You only can proceed or move on to the next step if you get a minimum of 78% in the test.

We cant stress enough with regards to the significance of passing this test. Youre no longer eligible for a refund if you fail, but at least you can do the test again, this time youll have to pay for it again. While theres no limit on the number of tests you can take, you should ace it the first time.

Once youve proven your identity by furnishing the required proof of identification, you now proceed in paying for the learners permit. Now youre almost there – the next step is to get out there and learn how to drive.