The Importance of Getting Your Home Inspected for Asbestos Before Making Improvements

You are probably going to tear down a wall, break something or remove the ceiling if you have plans on improving some parts of your home. However, doing all those tasks might disturb all the asbestos material that might be present underneath. You see, there’s a big chance that some of the parts of your house are made from asbestos especially if it is already here before 1990.

#1 Asbestos Inspection AdelaideYou may be wondering what’s with all these asbestos things. Well to tell you, this asbestos substance is something that you surely don’t want to mishandle or even disturb. You and your family can inhale its particles once it becomes airborne. It can cause severe and even deadly lung and respiratory complications once that happens. Not only that, but if worst comes to worst, it can also lead to cancer.

Thus, ensure that you and the rest of your household are safe by having the #1 Asbestos Inspection Adelaide before you realise all those plans. In terms of enhancing the aesthetics of your home or building, an asbestos inspection may not be the first thing that will come to your mind. However, it is probably one of the most crucial steps you should take. Once you start demolition and refurbishment, you could risk asbestos exposure.

A widely used fibrous mineral in construction before for its incredible resistance to heat and water and strength and insulating properties is the asbestos. However, it was discovered later that asbestos is extremely harmful. It can cause a slew of severe health issues, including deadly cancer. However, there are still numerous buildings and homes that have asbestos in them even if it is no longer used in construction today.

Asbestos can be present in different areas of a house or building like in the wall cladding, cement roofing, shingles, pipes, flooring underlay and may more. It only gets exposed when these buildings undergo renovation or demolition.

Therefore, before going through with any home improvement project, you must seek the #1

Asbestos Inspection Adelaide first. Keep in mind that you don’t have any idea on how much asbestos is present in your building that you may expose by performing a renovation.

You must give to the asbestos inspector the building plans, architect’s drawings and specifications of the house or building. Also, before the inspectors touch the area with asbestos, ensure first to evacuate everyone and remove all the furnishings. Take note that partial destruction of the building may be necessary as the inspectors will take some samples from the house or building.

It is necessary to test the surroundings as well, even if you have already identified where you have asbestos in your home. However, be reminded that only a qualified and licensed asbestos inspector must inspect and remove the asbestos out of your property.