Exterior Improvements for Elegant, Country Homes

Who said you couldn’t build a modern home in the country? In fact, many people have successfully built modern, elegant homes in rural areas and the change was welcomed widely by many homeowners. Nothing can stop you now! Even if your lot is in a rural region, you can still build a modern, minimalistic home that will serve your lifestyle right.



Below are some of the exterior installations that will bring more life to your house in the country.


  1. Outdoor Kitchen

Talk to your JAG outdoor kitchens Adelaide contractor regarding outdoor kitchen designs that will retain the idea of a rustic home in the country while integrating a touch of how life is in the city. Your provider can recommend smart technology for your refrigerator so you can still keep some city roots in your country home.


Your JAG outdoor kitchens Adelaide expert can also install unique flooring to your outdoor kitchen. It will give your kitchen a more modern feel even if your property is surrounded by trees or mountains. The list is endless when you go for a stylish outdoor kitchen in the country!


  1. Smart Patio Lights

If you have an extensive patio that features pin lights, you may want to substitute them with “smart” lighting systems. In smart lighting technology, a snap of your fingers or a particular word can turn off or turn on the lights in your patio. This idea will make for a romantic surprise when you host an outdoor birthday party or family gathering.


  1. Glass Walls

Many country homes feature glass for covered plant nurseries. Glass walls are the perfect choice for a conservatory. A conservatory with clear, glass walls can serve as the centrepiece of your country home’s garden or yard. This way, your guests can still see what rare plants you grow without over-touching them t make sure they grow well.


  1. Flat Roofing

If you really want to emphasize the word “modern” in your country property, you can opt for a flat roofing structure instead of the typical A-type roofing. The entire roofing system doesn’t have to be flat. Your contractor can still integrate some pointed features so the roof area will not be too plain.


  1. Mini Lamp Posts

For a more modern feel, you can add mini lamp posts on the walkway towards the main house. These posts can also be integrated with smart technology, so they turn on or off depending on the control you set up upon installation.


Many other outdoor installations will make you remember city life even if you’ve chosen to settle in the country. Consult with professional builders and contractors so you can enjoy your country home!