Signs that Retaining Walls Perth Need Repairs or Replacement

Retaining walls are well-known for their toughness and stability. However, that doesn’t indicate that it’s impregnable. Retaining walls are still prone to wear and tear, and if you don’t know the potential signs and indications, your retaining wall will eventually crumble to the ground. Never assume that retaining walls Perth are unbreakable. In this article, we’re going to go over several signs that tell retaining walls need repairs or replacement.



The primary purpose of retaining walls is to hold sloping soil in place. It’s a specially engineered structure for stabilising the soil. Should a retaining wall fail, significant damages will follow suit. For this reason, it’s essential to check your retaining walls regularly for potential signs. So what should you look for, exactly? Consider the list below:


Warning signs that your retaining walls need repairs include the following:

  • The wall is tilted forward (even slightly) or looks bowed.
  • Sloping or uneven floors, decks and other outdoor living spaces (if applicable) appear.
  • Cracks or crevices are appealing adjacent to flooring.
  • The appearance of holes or crevices and cracks in the wall.
  • One section is separated from all the other surrounding structure
  • The face of the wall is starting to crumble.


If any of these signs are showing in your retaining wall, call a retaining wall specialist for a follow-up inspection and immediate fix.


What causes retaining wall failure?

  • The issues can potentially be related to the materials used – a timber retaining wall, for example, may warp or rot.
  • The wall may have succumbed to stress factors that it wasn’t originally designed to support or cope.
  • Poor or no drainage system, which means the soil can potentially become too heavy or pressured for the wall to withstand.
  • Poor workmanship.
  • Your retaining wall may not be best-suited to the circumstances of your yard.


If retaining walls are starting to fail due to any of the situations above, it’s often safer to tear down the existing structure and replace it instead. Click over here to view the charts containing the rates of every retaining wall specialist for every service you need.


Replacing a Retaining Wall

When replacing a retaining wall, keep in mind that it isn’t a DIY job. It requires the services of true professionals. The warning signs are not just superficial, which is a much larger issue. Trying to fix or replace a retaining wall on your own will put your or your family at risk of unwanted accidents. That’s why you should consider hiring professionals instead. They know what to do and how to do it the right way, as well as making sure that you’re safe.

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