Varicose Veins Treatment Options – Which Treatments Are More Effective Than Others?

You might want to consider varicose vein treatment if you have at least some of the symptoms associated with varicose veins: leg swelling, discomfort, or heaviness in your legs. Discomfort, especially when lying down or while walking. Pain, particularly around the legs or ankles. A burning feeling sometimes in the thighs. Swelling and bruising or dimple in the skin.

Varicose Vein Treatment in Varicose Vein Treatment Adelaide by OdysseyVeinClinic involves a medical intervention that severs the affected vein and its surrounding tissue. A dermatologist usually does this through an incision in the skin. The patient will experience mild to moderate discomfort. Ablation is another procedure that involves puncturing the affected vein with a needle-like device called an ablation cannula and then puncturing the affected skin area with it.

Various procedures are commonly used to remove them. One of which is called Laser VNUS Closure, which involves using a special laser tool or light that is used to vaporize the swollen or twisted veins in the legs. After this is done, a small tube or skin clamp is used to remove the dead tissue and expose the healthy veins underneath. After that, the body tissues and vein walls are easily removed through the clamped and sutured skin. A local anesthetic may also be given to you. However, this is not necessary for all patients as some do not like the painless process.

Sclerotherapy is the next most popularly used varicose vein treatment procedure. It involves the injection of a solution or dye into the swollen vein. The paint or solution is injected into the vein at a very high concentration. This causes the blood vessels to contract and eventually collapse. Sclerotherapy can take a few days or a few weeks to take effect completely. However, this is a highly effective treatment as it eliminates the appearance of the veins.

Another minimally invasive varicose vein treatment option in Varicose Vein Treatment Adelaide by OdysseyVeinClinic is laser or power therapy. Like sclerotherapy, this procedure uses a high energy laser beam aimed at the problem veins. However, this procedure is more effective than sclerotherapy as the treatment doesn’t require injections of any kind into the skin. All the patient needs to do is stand under a high-energy beam to achieve healing. This procedure is usually performed on a weekly basis.

Different doctors or venous specialist commonly performs sclerotherapy and laser treatments. If you are looking to have one or more of these procedures done, it is best to get them from an experienced and reliable doctor. Make sure that your chosen doctor has many years of experience performing the various varicose veins treatment methods. Your chosen doctor should explain all the possible options to you and the pros and cons of each treatment option.